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January 31, 2019
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Dirty Little Feet??! Nah I’m good.

This quote right here!! 🙌🏾 So is your mind right today Beautiful People or nah?? 🤔

In recent years I’ve become highly particular with who I allow into my soul space and the physical space around me. I’m equally particular with the people I allow to take up my head space – specifically my thoughts, and I make no apologies about this to ANYONE…

Be mindful of the energy around you and within you – because you can literally give your power away by allowing the wrong things to control you. If you wouldn’t allow a thief into your home to steal your things, why would you allow someone into your head space to steal your peace? 👣

YOU are responsible for taking control of your thoughts. YOU are responsible for maintaining your mental space. Make sure those who get into your thoughts are worth the space they’re occupying. 💕 •
#Mindfulness #NoDirtyFeet #CleanHouse #OnceUponHerLife

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