Hi Beautiful People! I’m Brittny.

Vice President & Branch Manager in a Leading, Global Financial Services Firm by Day.

Child of God, Mother, Soul Mate, Lover of Family & Friends by Essence.

Self-Empowerment Visionary, Success & Finance Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and Founder of Once Upon Her Life by Calling.

One of the things I’m often asked is, "How in the world did you figure all this out?" Well, I guess first and foremost, it started with a decision. I simply decided to create the existence that I desired at every turn. Part of that included moving from KC to Cali shortly after graduating from college with an intentional plan to succeed – and I’ve never looked back!

So, what does success look like to me? HAPPINESS – and nothing produced more happiness than the moment I decided to honor the real me - intentionally, courageously and unapologetically (oh, and really good BBQ).

While I may hold numerous personal and professional titles, I am ultimately the one writing my story, so I can always trust the next chapter because I know the author. Similar to yours, my life is full of many chapters but this by far is my favorite because this is where I get to help you write Chapter One of a new story. So enough about me – this is about YOU.

Your real calling is to become more of who you really are by any means necessary. You will never fulfill your true purpose and legacy until you honor the real you - not the you the world has always told you to be. Living a life of purpose and intention means awaking to your full potential, finding your true calling and summoning the courage to live it! Allow me to help reintroduce the best version of you to the world…



To help people see their world not as it is, but as it could be through self-empowerment, self-love and personal accountability. The vision of Once Upon Her Life encompasses writing chapter one of a new story.

The evolution of YOU requires a healthy balance between living intentionally, honoring who you are truly meant to be and never leaving the world the same as when you entered into it. There is no greater blessing than helping others write a Love Story for their life that honors this balance and their true purpose.

Life is about the choices we make - you essentially are what you do, so start by choosing you. Every day and in every way. Always and in all ways.


Simply put, to Pay It Forward. We rise by lifting others. End of Story.


As the Company Founder, bringing my personal vision to life also helps me to honor my own legacy. All my life I have possessed this desire to lift and empower the people around me. I understood from a very young age that being comfortable with the uncomfortable was essential to growth in any capacity.

While it may not always be easy to help a world resistant to change, it’s essential to do the work and honor the possibility of what CAN be. I want each of us to live a life of intention, awaken to our full potential and summon the courage to honor our true calling.

Once upon her life she decided to live with intention…and so a new story began. #YourHappilyEverAfter